About Me

A note from Irina...

I was not born a baker, I became one through passion! I started baking as a hobby many years ago. Soon after, the hobby turned into love for creating special cakes and pastries. I often stayed up well into the night making and remaking a certain piece until it was perfect and I still do this today. I realized that as much as I enjoy this hobby it would be a shame not to do this for a living. Today I enjoy making cakes and pastries for many of my clients. It brings happiness to my heart when you get to see my creation for the first time! I make every piece from scratch, it is all very hard work, but it is all worth it in the end. I often hear the same comment, "I just can't eat this, it is so beautiful".


Having accumulated 15 years of baking and decorating experience, Irina has earned the right to call her cakes and pastries "one of kind". She started out at a local grocery store, working her way up to a management position in the bakery department. Due many limitations on her creativity Irina opened Irina's Gourmet Bakery in 2005. Breaking free from pre-designed cakes, Irina entered local competitions. She placed first in the 2005 Kansas City Bakery competition with her intricately designed "brides dress wedding cake" and pearl four layer wedding cake.

Irina takes a lot of pride in her cakes and pastries. She regards each as an individual piece of art, always creating them from scratch. All her products are created fresh upon order, never with artificial ingredients. Recognizing that everyone should have an opportunity to celebrate life's special occasions, Irina crafts each piece specifically for each individual client.

Irina's cakes and pastries always look to good to be eaten. With many different flavors for cakes and pastries, Irina's products are not just visually appealing, but are truly are as good as they look!

At Irina's Gourmet Bakery the sky is the limit when it comes to creating your "one of a kind" creation!